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Nowmedia is a digital agency that builds Wordpress websites, provides Yandex services and does kick-ass techical support.
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Search engine

Our company

Solving your business goals by web, using advanced technology and ingenuity.
Our key value is people. We don’t have deals with freelancers, we have our own specialists.
NowMedia company was founded in November, 2008. Today we have 35 specialists.

Our story

From the moment of founding our main stream is web development of complex information systems and high-load projects. In May 2010 we got our SEO team.

Today we provide full service of making business by web. By structure we have two parts: “development department” and “support and growth”.


This department works with production of new projects: web sites, information systems and mobile applications, basing on web technologies, and remaking an existing projects.

and growth

This department works with growing of projects. We mean increasing the profit, that site or system can give to your business. We make improvements and promote your site in search engine.

Technical improvements and marketing are closely connected, because improvements are mainly generated by marketing.

Thanks to the teamwork of client projects, we provide coordination of the efforts of specialists in order to achieve a better result.

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