Affiliate program for Bosch Thermotechnik in Russia and Belarus. The aim of the project is to increase the share of participation in the markets of Russia and Belarus.
The task is to develop an affiliate program that would encourage installers to place and recommend boilers of Bosch and Buderus brands.

Affiliate Program key tools:

Bonus Store

Installers accumulate points for boilers installed by end customers and exchange these points for valuable prizes.
Nowmedia not only developed this project, but also provides technical support for Bosch and helpdesk support for installers who use this program.

ETK (Ersatzteilkatalog, spare parts catalog)

A service that allows you to find a drawing of any Bosch or Buderus boiler and
information on spare parts.

created for

Lead management

A service that helps:

  • end customers find the right installation organization for the boiler placement
  • installation organizations receive orders from customers loyal to the Bosch and Buderus brands
100 design

All services

are built on a single platform and are provided to installers through a single interface. Installers get a flexible system of ratings and bonuses which allows Bosch to better motivate them and at the same time offer quality service to end users.

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