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Leader team

Corporative site development

Leader team is Russian company, leader of HR-outsourcing, merchandising and independent inventory.

We have developed corporative site, using brand identity and key competences of the expert agency.

Starting project

Site has a lot of articles, videos, information about company and partners. First off all we worked with structure and plan the project sections.

We made project plan with steps, which separates different types of information.

We worked with project analyzing and offered some variants of service pages. As a result we choose the most attractive of them.

In order to reveal in detail the entire range of services of the company, we decided to present all of it at once. Before we came to the final decision, we have designed a variety of options.

In the end we decided to visualize the spectrum of services around clients, all our activities are primarily aimed at achieving the goals and objectives of the clients' businesses.

When you hover on the icons of the services you can see the sub-section, if available. On click, the user can navigate to the detailed page.

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