Service for assessing the well-being of employees and recommendations for HR specialists and managers. The goal of the project is to help companies create a culture of wellbeing and sustainable peak performance in an easy and cost-efficient way.


Develop a new website for the presentation of the WeBRIDGE service (webridge.pro)

Develop a web application that:

  • gives employees the opportunity to undergo special surveys and see an assessment of their well-being and the whole company
  • allows managers and HR specialists to evaluate the overall well-being of employees and receive recommendations for improving it.

Web Application Features

  • It works equally well on desktop PCs and mobile devices.
  • The web application provides simple authentication for one-time links sent to the user's email. No need to remember any passwords.
  • Users will open the application because of special notifications.
  • Based on special algorithms, users are offered personal surveys to identify individual needs.
  • Managers and HR specialists have access to dashboards, which in anonymous form show the general well-being of the company and individual groups of people, as well as provide recommendations for improving the well-being of employees.
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