Search engine marketing

Search Engine Marketing is the most effective and fast-working method for attracting target visitors to a website.

The service of contextual advertising consists of:

Semantics preparation

We assemble a set of effective keywords, select negative keywords and predict the numerical result: how many clicks, orders or proposals you will receive for the period of the advertising campaign, and its price.

Creative part

We make effective text ads. We use best practices to capture the visitor’s attention with the short ad.

Target and settings

We select the necessary geographical settings for ad impressions, temporary settings for daily and hourly impressions, and also set bid adjustments for different segments of the audience (mobile users, young, adult, old users, etc.).

Search engine placement

We create files and product feeds for uploading to advertising platforms, launch your contextual advertising campaign in search engines, as well as in Google’s advertising networks. No matter how many keywords or ads you have, NowMedia has automated technologies for this kind of advertising campaigns.

Placement optimization

We monitor the effectiveness of our services using Google Analytics systems. If necessary, we will create an end-to-end analytics system with which KPI-based decision making will be even more transparent and efficient.


We automate the placement of a large number of goods in contextual advertising using product feeds. If you want to place contextual advertising for thousands of products, our tools will allow you to do this most quickly and support the rapid update of product’s info.

Automation of management

We have various technologies of automation of advertising campaigns under our belt. We can ensure that your ads are at the highest positions for branding, and we can dynamically change bids depending on KPI (ROAS, CRR, etc.).

Reporting and BI

We provide a single reporting service, thanks to which every NowMedia client automatically and daily receives the latest data on its placements through the of end-to-end analytics.

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