Search engine optimization

We know how to:

move your web resource up to the TOP
find people who are interested in your product
or services
convert them into customers or leads

And we do this all in a complex. This is our special approach to search engine optimization.

Could you tell me more?

Imagine you hired a really good marketer and you expect him to be fully responsible for the growth of your website. Unlike the classic collaboration with SEO agencies, your full-time marketer is not only responsible for website promotion, he is responsible for:
  • Increasing online sales
  • User behavior analysis and improving engagement rates
  • Suggestions to improve the website and its relevance to the “modern website” both in functional and visual way
  • The relevance of information on the website, adding new content, etc.

Our service is that we take on the role of this marketer and develop your website comprehensively, not just in terms of traffic. We do:

  • Monthly work plan: what we are going to do and what result we plan to achieve through each specific action.
  • Work on improvement of: traffic, search engine ranking, conversion, engagement rates. All results have to be measurable.
  • The main work is on improving internal factors.
  • Write texts you won’t be ashamed to read aloud in the office. They are interesting.
  • Offer ideas for improving your website based on our experience and competencies (new sections, landing pages, new tools to increase conversion, etc.). After your approvement we test it.
  • Monthly results reports.

In the end you get a transparent work scheme: you understand why you pay money (you have an agreed work plan for a month), what for and what you get done.

The result of our work:

increase in traffic
increased user engagement
improved conversion

How our approach differs from most agencies

Most agencies would give you «the classic» SEO services. It means that agency is responsible just for your keywords ranking. It is not responsible for potential customer’s actions after he/she saw your website – for sales, conversion, engagement rates and so on. If the agreed keywords are in the TOP-10 ­– the agency did its job well this month, and it does not care if you got new customers.

I already like it. What else do I get?

Comprehensive approach to promote

First of all, we are engaged in site analytics, which positively affects the obtaining of targeted traffic. We are ready to improve and perfect your site.

Website development

The promotion of a resource happens gradually. That gives us time to improve it and get the company ready for the flow of new customers.

Transparent and
results-oriented actions

We offer a variety of activities that is needed specifically for your resource. We provide a detailed action plan and we make reports on the effectiveness of work monthly.

Always ready to help

Our employees are on staff – it means that we are always in touch. Ready to analyze, advise and give advice. And we are also ready to offer you technical support, refinement and redesign, transferring the site to another CMS and much more.

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