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Integrations with external systems

Making sales funnel clear for analyzing
All visitors How to get data?

On the first stage of the funnel you can see all your visitors.

You can get this data from Google Analytics. Just install the counter code on all pages of your website and take statistics of visits in your account.

Visitors who has made target action. How to get data?

The most popular target actions are: “call me back” option, phone call, making order, chat communication.

These data can also be obtained from Google Analythics using tool «Goals». Phone calls by number from website you can track with call tracking systems.

Buyers How to get data?

On the last stage of the funnel counts all visitors who has paid for the order.

Sales data is recommended to take from CRM. Target actions enter come into the CRM as leads and deals. Managers working with transaction management and fixing all stages of transaction in CRM. Eventually by the closed transaction you can judge about revenue and quantity of sales.

How to know which advertising sources renders the largest or the least impact on the funnel?

For this you need a tool that will have access to information at each stage of the funnel and collecting all data in one system. With this tool you can easily and quickly analyze the impact of each source on each stage of your sales funnel and make strategic decisions on advertising campaigns.

How does it work?

User comes to your website by link contains UTM-tag.

User makes a target action on a website

Request or call displays in your CRM

Data on closed transactions transmits in the special interface. There you can see all information for all stages of the funnel.

You can estimate which ads and key phrases are effective and which don’t.

Which advertising channels are paying off and which aren't.

Price of the integration from

Our clients


Hoff Hypermarket network - this is one of the largest and most dynamically developing Russian furniture markets.


Bosch Thermotechnik GmbH is a part of BOSCH group.

Myllyn Paras
Myllyn Paras

Myllyn Paras manufactures and markets flour, flakes, grits and pasta, as well as fresh-frozen dough and pastry.


Castorama takes part of Kingfisher international Company, known as big home improvement market.

Leader Team
Leader Team

Leader team is Russian company, leader of HR-outsourcing, merchandising and independent inventory.

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