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Regular technical support of your website

Most of all we like to work with websites on Wordpress CMS and Yii framework

Have you encountered these issues?

How quickly do you or your employers can fix the broken website?

— Our website does't work...
— Doesn't work?.. How long?
— I don’t know. When I opened it on Monday, it already hadn't been working.

We check the state of the website every 3 minutes.

Do you know who to contact in case of problems with the website?

You don't have a full-time professional and you're not sure how to find out the cause of unavailability of website.

We are ready to take responsibility.

Security problems?

Browser at redirection on your website shows that horrible red window with words “This website may harm your computer”?

We ensure the safety of our projects.

Call us
+358 44 757 7953


You don’t need to have a full-time specialist to support the site.

Our services cost much cheaper. We monitor the site 24 hours 7 days a week. The base rate is €350 per month.

You don't have to be ditracted from your business to support the website.

All you need to know is our phone number. Uptime of the website is our responsibility.

Free consulting.

We will consult you at any time for any question of your website absolutely for free. We know everything about websites.

We take responsibility for life and health of your website.

We will prevent 95% of potential problems. And other 5% we will solve so fast that you barely notice them.

What we do

  • Provide and control operability of your website
  • Promptly react on your requests: fix the current bugs in working process of your website, determining the cause of the malfunction
  • Solve technical problems with the hosting
  • Monitor availability of the web site
  • Control the speed of pages loading
  • Consult on technical support questions: questions about work of statistic services, questions about website operability, etc.
  • Make a regular backup of website and database
  • Deploy and support a distributed version control system for clients who engaged in development of their website
Want more?
We are ready to solve any technical or creative task
as additional works.

Our clients


Hoff Hypermarket network - this is one of the largest and most dynamically developing Russian furniture markets.


Bosch Thermotechnik GmbH is a part of BOSCH group.

Myllyn Paras
Myllyn Paras

Myllyn Paras manufactures and markets flour, flakes, grits and pasta, as well as fresh-frozen dough and pastry.


Castorama takes part of Kingfisher international Company, known as big home improvement market.

Leader Team
Leader Team

Leader team is Russian company, leader of HR-outsourcing, merchandising and independent inventory.

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