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Concept creation

Web design is not only good graphic and style. The base of good-quality web design are always usability and smart prototyping. It’s a consequential process involving digital architecting, graphic designer and usability specialist.

Page view depends from content, from type of device, from the quality of network, from displaying content by browser. To make a good website, not enough to choose color and icons. It’s process with different specialists to find the best way to create really good product, which can be “dressed” to brand identity.

Trust your project to specialists and keep in mind,
the bait must be loved by the fish, not fisherman.

What we do?

1. Project analyzing and interviewing
2. Interface constructing (as interactive prototype), technical specification)
3. Design
4. HTML markup & coding 
5. Testing
6. Accounting

Process of website developing

  • fromtwo months
Starting with project analyzing
Interface constructing (as interactive prototype),
technical specification)
HTML markup
Support, marketing, your business growth

Our clients


Hoff Hypermarket network - this is one of the largest and most dynamically developing Russian furniture markets.


Bosch Thermotechnik GmbH is a part of BOSCH group.

Myllyn Paras
Myllyn Paras

Myllyn Paras manufactures and markets flour, flakes, grits and pasta, as well as fresh-frozen dough and pastry.


Castorama takes part of Kingfisher international Company, known as big home improvement market.

Leader Team
Leader Team

Leader team is Russian company, leader of HR-outsourcing, merchandising and independent inventory.

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