Technical support

We provide full support for your project: from server maintenance to helpdesk support for your end customers.

Server maintenance

We are responsible for the smooth running of your server infrastructure, monitoring data security, keeping the software up-to-date and responding quickly to emergencies. Working with us, you can be sure that the server is well maintained and you can always quickly receive answers to any questions regarding its operations.

Continuous development

For any business, it is important to constantly develop, not only to have a stable infrastructure. We provide the technical development of your web projects and the necessary infrastructure for this. For each project we create a test copy, on its basis all new features are tested before being published on the production server. Development is carried out through the Git version control system by a process that allows us to quickly check new functionality and deploy it on production server. Specific manager of ours is responsible for each project, and he/she is always in touch.

Support for your processes or customers

If your product or service involves constant customer or user support, we are ready to take on this process. Our specialists can not only perform regular tasks, but also solve the problems of your users. All tasks and processes that we do - get documented, and we share this documentation with you.

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