Website development

We create websites and services that resolve specific problems of your business.
Our competencies allow us to create both: simply great Wordpress websites and web applications designed for your specific business-processes whether it is loyalty program or your own delivery services.

Just take a look at our projects:

How we are working: 6 stages

Pre-project analysis

At this stage, we conduct an interview with the client, determine the goals and objectives of the project, its structure and target audience, and analyze competitors.


Based on the results of the pre-project analysis we make interface wireframes . The main goal of prototyping is to develop an interface that meets the goals and objectives of the entire project. This stage is about usability, that is why the wireframes are created in black and white, so that nothing distracts from solving the main problem: developing an interface that works.


At the design stage, our first step is to develop a design concept using the most complex page of the website site or web application and approve it with the client. After that, we develop design layouts for all other pages and elements.

Markup / Coding / Testing

At this stage, we bring the designed layouts to life, taking into account all the agreed requirements. All three processes are executed at the same time, and testing takes place right in the development process. The result of this stage is the product ready to be released.

Publishing and trial period

After the launch of the production project, we continue to monitor it and quickly respond to any problems that may arise.

Technical support

We offer our customers technical support so we can always stay in touch and systematically maintain the website or project.

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